Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Day 21 and 22

Day 21

Today Robert visited a college for Social Workers in Kisangara village where Rotary had helped fund 20 computers through ACTT. Robert wanted to visit them in order to get receipts and take some photos for the Rotary Club. As the school was in an area I had never visited he asked if I would like to go with him.

We left mid morning and the drive took about an hour and a half. We left Moshi in the direction of Dar and then turned off at the Himo junction in the direction of Mwanga. After we had passed through Mwanga we turned off the tarmac road towards Kisangara. 

It was a really interesting drive. As we left Moshi we passed through villages, some with markets and then later we reached the Pare Mountains where there is some beautiful scenery. This is definitely an area I would like to return to.

When we got to the College we were met by the Head Teacher who showed us the computer lab. The college is quite small, at present they have around 100 students. They can study here for 1, 2 or 3 years.

While Robert and the Head Teacher attended to their business I had a wander around outside. The school is in a lovely setting and has great views over the Nyumba ya Mungu Dam, that provides hydro-electric power.

When I returned to the Computer lab some of the students were in using the computers.

It was nearly 3pm by the time we left the college so we drove back to Mwanga and got some lunch.

The place we stopped at had nice views and good food.

The chicken was very tasty.

We got loads of food. All this and drinks for just over £4!!

And we ate looking out at this.

Driving back to Moshi the views were also good.

About half way back we stopped to do some shopping for Mama Diana. On this stretch of road there were at least 30 stalls all selling tomatos and red onions.

Once back in Moshi we called in at Robert’s home to drop off the shopping and were greeted by Dimitra.

After this we did a quick visit to ACTT and then Robert dropped me back at TemboTamu. As always Mary had cooked us a nice dinner and then we had a quiet evening. As I was leaving tomorrow I gave Frank his gift of a shirt that we had bought from the UK.

After this we spent some time chatting before going to bed.

Day 22

Today is my last day. I fly back to the UK tonight.

It has been a quiet day. I got up late and had breakfast with Charlotte and Frank. I then sorted out the tent and packed.

About midday I walked down to ACTT with Charlotte and showed her around. She then went off to do some shopping and I had a phone call with Sandra. After that it was lunch with Robert at Mama Irene’s followed by a drink and chat with her. I then went back to the office to say goodbye to all the staff before walking back to TemboTamu.

I am now just sat at TemboTamu finishing this last blog entry before Robert comes to take me to Kilimanjaro Airport for my flights home.

I hope everyone has enjoyed reading the blog and looking at the photos. Hopefully everyone who has supported us in our fundraising can see what a difference their support makes, so thank you again. If anyone has any questions about what we are doing in Tanzania please feel free to ask.

Monday, 21 May 2018

Day 20

This morning it was just me and Charlotte at breakfast as there were no other guests, so it was very relaxed. Robert rang me while we were eating to say we would visit a school this afternoon so no need to rush down to ACTT.

I set off about 10.30am. There had been no rain overnight so the paths were much drier than of recent days. This morning at ACTT I worked through the finances with Robert so he could print me out the receipts I needed. I also managed to catch up with Dommy who we haven’t seen much of this trip as she has exams at college at the moment. Mama Irene was not around to provide lunch so Odilia went out and got some food from someone else. It was small fish stew with rice and greens - not my favourite.

After lunch Robert, Bakari and I drove to Kiburiloni School on the outskirts of Moshi. This school was a last minute addition to our “donation list”. Once I had calculated how much we had spent on all the other schools we had supported so far this trip, it transpired that we had enough money left to donate 3 PC’s to one more school. The Head Teacher at this school had been asking ACTT for some support for a while. The teachers here are not all as IT literate as at the other schools but they are all very keen so we decided to give them a chance. They promise to learn fast and keep in contact.

On arrival we met Juma, the Head Teacher and Rehema who will be our ICT contact. Robert and I went through the loan contract and then Bakari installed the computers. At the moment we have put them in a small room next to the Head Teacher’s office but they hope to move them to a bigger room in the near future.

The installation took a little while as Bakari had to do some electrical repairs to some wiring.

While Bakari was working the Head Teacher showed us his old computer. It no longer worked but he had kept it just so the children can see what a computer looked like.

After this Rehema showed me around the school.

This was the staff room.

Some teachers prefered to be outside.

This was the kitchen. They were cleaning up as it was the end of the day.

This was the Standard 5 classroom.

These were some children who had been cleaning the school before they went home. You can see how they had all taken off their muddy shoes while they cleaned the floor. 

Younger children were playing under the tree,

While others were just sitting. 

Rehema also showed me the room they plan to use as a computer lab.

Once all the computers were working all the teachers came and had a look and followed by some of the children. 

We also handed over some footballs but it was clear that the computers were more exciting!!

After a couple of hours we we left the school and returned to ACTT. Robert and I finished the day with a beer at Keys before I returned to TemboTamu for a dinner of chapati and lentils with Charlotte, Frank and Tony.

Sunday, 20 May 2018

Day 17, Day 18 and Day 19

Day 17

This was Peter’s last day. We got up late and had a leisurely breakfast with Charlotte and her mum and auntie. Then once Peter had packed we walked down to ACTT and met Robert for lunch at Mama Irene’s.

This afternoon we went to visit Juan, who is one of the board members for ACTT. We have known Juan for a number of years and usually try to catch up when we are in Moshi. Juan has a company that produces vanilla essence and today we were treated to a tour of the factory. For this he had to wear some fetching yellow lab coats and hair nets (unless like Robert you don’t have hair).

The tour was interesting and the smell was amazing. When we left Juan gave us a bottle of vanilla to bring home.

We then returned to TemboTamu so Peter could shower before Robert took him to the airport. On the way to the airport we had our first views of Kilimanjaro this trip.

We got to the airport in plenty of time so had time for a beer with Peter before he checked in.

Robert then drove me back to TemboTamu. This evening Charlotte and her mum and auntie had cooked dinner for us all. It was nice to have some Western food for a change. They had cooked tomato soup and then vegetable pasta, all very nice. Tony even helped a little.

That evening we sat up late chatting so were late to bed.

Day 18

I got up late this morning and had breakfast with Tony. We then watched a video together before he went off to Tae Kwon Do.

I then walked down to ACTT where I had lunch with Robert. I then did some emails and blog before walking back to TemboTamu. This afternoon it was very quiet there as Tony was staying at a friends and Charlotte was out.

This evening I went out for at KiliHome with Robert, Paula and Grace. Paula was the very first student we supported through ACTT, about 6 years ago and we have stayed in touch ever since. We have known Grace for about 3 years since she started volunteering at ACTT. She has also done some project work for us but now works at the Vanilla Factory for Juan. We had a lovely evening catching up. It was another late night.

Day 19

Today was Sunday and a very quiet day. It was the last day for Charlotte’s mum and auntie so we all enjoyed breakfast together. They then went off to do some last minute shopping. Frank had some things to attend to so I stayed home with Tony. We played games, chatted and watched some videos.

About 4ish Frank came home and we all went to Keys for pizza.

This evening Charlotte went to the airport with her mum and auntie and Frank had to go out to make arrangements to go to a funeral tomorrow so it was just me and Tony again.

When Charlotte got back we had some food and then spent the evening with Tony.

Day 21 and 22

Day 21 Today Robert visited a college for Social Workers in Kisangara village where Rotary had helped fund 20 computers through ACTT. Ro...